White Haven Church Cemetary

White Haven 

In 2001 and 2003 Billy Lentz executed quit claim deeds on two parcels of property in eastern Lincoln County, each of which was originally part of the Old White Haven Lutheran Church.  One of the parcels is the old White Haven Church Cemetery, and the other is an adjoining parcel located to the west of the cemetery.  Upon execution of the two quit claim deeds, Lentz donated the two parcels to the Lincoln County Historic Properties Commission.

During the winter of 2004, Zach Ross, a rising senior at West Lincoln High School and an Eagle Scout candidate, approached Jason Harpe, Executive Director of the Lincoln County Historical Association, about potential projects that would qualify for his Eagle Scout.  Harpe provided Ross with a tour of various historic sites in Lincoln County that require cleanup, and Ross decided to undertake the White Haven Church Cemetery as his project.  Harpe and Association president, Bill Beam, supervised Ross’s project, planning cleanup days, coordinating work schedules, and meeting with Ross to discuss his progress and future plans at the site.  During the summer of 2005, Ross began his project at the cemetery.  With assistance from Harpe and member of his scout troop, Ross cleared trees and underbrush, marked trees that needed to remain on the site, and identified (flagged) over one hundred unmarked gravestones.

gravestone White Haven Church cemetary