Ramsour-Reinhardt Cemetary


The Lincoln County Historic Properties Commission acquired the cemetery in 2005 after negotiating a deal between the Lincoln County Historic Foundation and Charles Eull Hull.  The Hull family owned a tract of land on which the cemetery is situated, and the Lincoln County Historic Foundation owned an adjacent parcel.  The Foundation deeded their parcel to the Hull family, and the Hull family deeded to the Lincoln County Historic Properties Commission the upper two tracts of both parcels, measuring over once acre.

In June 2005 members of the Ramsour and Reinhardt families contacted the Lincoln County Historical Association about facilitating the fundraising aspects of a preservation fund that their families wanted to establish to preserve the cemetery.  The Association’s board of directors decided to establish the Ramsour-Reinhardt Cemetery Preservation Fund to oversee the expenditure of funds on all future preservation efforts at the cemetery.  The Historic Properties Commission must approve all preservation efforts at the cemetery.

In June 2005 the Historic Properties Commission, Lincoln County Historical Association, and Ramsour and Reinhardt families dedicated a monument at the site, and purchased a highway marker that stands at the intersection of Startown Road and Andrews Drive.  Currently, staff is procuring two other markers for the site.  The first marker is dedicated to Alfred Andrews, who lived on an adjoining lot with his wife, Hazel.  For over thirty years, Andrews cleared trees and brush from the cemetery, and welcomed descendants from both the Ramsour and Reinhardt families to park on his property and view the cemetery.  The second marker is dedicated to Gladys Hull for her donation of the cemetery to the Historic Properties Commission.