Dedicated to Preserving Historic Properties

Lincoln County, situated in the southwestern portion of North Carolina’s Piedmont region, with its rich soil, ready water sources, and natural resources drew early pioneers, attracted by inexpensive land available in the Carolina backcountry. The evidence supporting the early pioneers’ existence is manifested in the form of court dockets, journals, letters, memoirs, deed, photographs, and dwellings.

Though many of the pioneer dwellings have faded into time, some subject to demolition by neglect, Lincoln County retains three eighteenth century residences – Vesuvius Furnace (1792), Andrew Loretz House (1793), and Woodside (1798) – and many historic structures from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The LCHA and Lincoln County Historic Properties Commission work to preserve the built environment by working with owners of historic properties to designate their homes as local historic landmarks, facilitate restoration, and promote their preservation efforts. We also coordinate tours of privately owned historic properties and cemeteries, and strive to educate local officials, local historians, and the general public about historic preservation.

For information on designating your house as an historic landmark, and general information on historic preservation in Lincoln County, email us.

Magnolia Grove Home in Lincolnton, NC
Magnolia Grove, Junction of SR 1309 and 1313

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