Posted on July 16, 2019

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The Lincoln County Historical Association, Inc. serves to research, record, document and promote the history of Lincolnton and Lincoln County, North Carolina. We accomplish this through educational programs, publications, special events and seminars. We constantly strive to encourage public interest in local history and preservation. Get involved as a member or volunteer!

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  1. My Ancestors that consist of Jacob Sain and Family were born and raised in Lincolton, Lincoln North Carolina in the late 1700’s and 1800’s My Maternal Grandmother Etta was one of 14 or 15 Children born to Sydney Michael and Lucy Crocker Saine. I never had the pleasure of meeting them 😢 I’m actually planning to visit that area in hopes of finding some more information and definitely any living Reletives. Thank you for letting me share something that is really Precious to me. Finding Sain’s Angela Bailey Kearney 🙂

  2. My ancestors were members of the Abernathy family, who settled in Lincoln County, beginning with David Harwell Abernathy (1725-1814). I am an archaeologists and would like to learn more about the history of this area.

  3. Is there a record of who Ramsour’s Mill was named after? If so, who was it and what were the names of their children?

  4. I’m sorry to be so late in responding. A German settler named Derrick Ramseur built the first grist mill in the area in 1769, and the mill passed to his son Jacob in 1772 after his death. The scarcity of mills made them an economic boon to their owners, some millers charging one-tenth of whatever they ground for their customers. The mill became the central hub of social interaction for the entire vicinity and locals erroneously pronounced and later spelled it “Ramsour’s Mill.”
    I couldn’t find anything about Jacob’s other children, but on Ancestry I did find a NC Land Grant dated October 24, 1767 for 140 acres on the N (?) side of the south fork of the Catawba River.

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