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Lincoln County Historical Association

The Lincoln County Historical Association is a non-profit organization that serves to research, record, document and promote the history of Lincolnton and Lincoln County, North Carolina, through educational programs, publications, special events, and seminars, while encouraging public interest in local history and preservation.

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Lincoln County Museum of History

The Lincoln County Museum of History is maintained by the LCHA for collection, preservation, study, and exhibition of authentic artifacts and other historical and artistic materials relating to the social, cultural, religious, natural, political, or other historical aspects of Lincolnton and Lincoln County, North Carolina.

The LCMH encourages public interest in local history and displays selected materials from its vast collection of artifacts and materials owned by LCHA in rotating exhibits.

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Research & Genealogical Resource Library

LCHA collects relevant materials related to Lincolnton and Lincoln County families, property and development for research and preservation. We help people do family and genealogic research using our reference files, research library and an extensive collection of photos, documents, tax records, etc.

LCHA has more than 60,000 photos, documents, letters, etc. in its collection.

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