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The Lincoln County Historical Association would like to say thank you to all of our contributors, event sponsors and members for their continued support.  Your commitment and dedication   to our organization’s mission, goals, and objectives affords us the opportunity to continue our preservation efforts in Lincoln County.

Please find listed all renewing members for the LCHA calendar year 2007, and fund drive contributors for LCHA fiscal year 2006-2007.  Please make us aware of any omissions, and contact the museum office at (704) 748-9090 or lcmh@bellsouth.net to update your membership. We update this list on a monthly basis.

Click here for a Membership Application Form (PDF).


Lincoln County Logo

North Carolina Humanities Council
122 North Elm Street - Suite 601
Greensboro, NC 27401
(336) 334-5325

Lincoln County LogoLincoln County, NC
115 West Main Street
Lincolnton NC, 28092


City of Lincolnton LogoCity Of Lincolnton
114 West Sycamore Street
Lincolnton, NC 28092


CTB LogoCarolina Trust Bank
901 East Main Street
Lincolnton, NC 28092

William Anderson
In Memory of Margaret Louise Plonk

Walter Clark

William M. Plonk
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Plonk Family Acquisition Fund


La-Z-Boy of Lincolnton, NC

Thomas A. Hager
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Carroll Johnson
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

John W. Lineberger

Robert H. Lineberger
In Memory of David C. Heavner

J. Morgan
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Walmart of Lincolnton


BlumBlum Inc.
7733 Old Plank Rd.
Stanley NC 28164

407 N. Pilot Knob Rd.
PO Box 434,
Denver, NC 28037

Debra Steele Lail
In Memory of Lynn & Evelyn Steele

Caroline Clark Morrison
In Memory of David Clark

John T. Anderson
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

William Babcock
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

E. Graham Bell
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Dr. Les and Cynthia Cloninger
In Honor of Mrs. John (Lila) Friday and Mrs. Mercer (Peggy) Simmons

Jane Baker Edwards
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Jon and Mary Ann Greenawalt
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Barbara Plonk
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Robert and Deborah Plonk
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Robert Thornton
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund


First Federal Savings Bank

Robert Lineberger

Abernethy Automotive

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Barefoot

Harvey and Celeste Jonas

Debra Steele Lail

Rusty and Company

David and Betty Thompson

Mary and Don Whisonant
In Honor of Nancy Anthony
In Memory of Lewis Anthony and Paul and Irene Whisonant

James H. Yon, Jr.
In Memory of Danya Hardwick Yon


Larry S. Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fox

Dobson Harris

Helen Jonas

J. David Martin

Rick Ramseur

Sue Ramseur

Mary Roberts

Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Seagle

Ruby Sigmon

Kathy Sullivan

Rebecca R. Alson
In Memory of Dr. S.E. Richbourg

Mr. and Mrs. William Arney
Bosch Tool Company

Robert Bowen
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Robert Carpenter
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Anna Casper
In Honor of the Jacob Forney Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

David and Jo Clark
In Honor of Harry Huss

Jerry and Evelyn Cochrane

Theo Cochrane

Larry Craig

Jack and Carolyn Dellinger
In Honor of David Dellinger

Robert and Ann Dellinger
In Memory of David Heavner

Charles Edwards, Jr.
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Mildred Folk
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

James Foreman
In Honor of Grace Jordan

Janice McGinnis Forte
In Memory of Hettie Smith King

Joe Fox
In Memory of Al Mullen

Mr. and Mrs. William Frank Fox
In Memory of Evelyn and Al Mullen

Bill and Colleen Garrison

Brad and Leigh Guth

George Hedick
In Memory of J. Andreas Hutig

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Huss

Helen Jonas

Charlesanna Leatherman
In Honor and memory of David C. Heavner
In Honor of Helen Peeler

Lincoln Mutual Insurance

Lincolnton High School Class of 1957

Smitty and Gail Little

Jerry Lynn
In Honor of Darrell Harkey

Bonnie Michael
In Memory of G.W. (Bill) Michael

Elizabeth Mercer
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Charles Mullen, Sr.
In Honor of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (Lincolnton)

Edward Phifer, III

Barbara Pickens

Dorcas Plonk
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

G.W. Plonk
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Joe and Meta Power
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Sue Ramseur
In Memory of Sarah Yoder

Glenn Reynolds
In Honor of Chesley L. Reynolds
In Memory of Betha Jane Dellinger Reynolds

Martha Rudisill
Plonk Family Cemetery Acquisition Fund

Johnathan Rhyne

Horace Rhyne
In Memory of David C. Heavner

Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Seagle
In Memory of F. Craig Seagle (Father)

Chip Stroup

Warlick’s Funeral Home

Dr. and Mrs. Bill Wash
In Honor of Denelta Sigmon Clinard

Hilmi & Tina Ari
In Memory of Dr. Necip Ari

Jodena Cronland
In Memory of Dr. Murphy Cronland

Theo Cochrane

Jack & Carolyn Dellinger

Robert & Ann Dellinger

David & Linda Edwards

James & Helen Foreman
In Memory of Grace & Sally

Lila Friday
In Memory of Judge John Friday

Bill & Colleen Garrison

Basil & Tina Guffey

David Heavner
In Memory of Lena Reinhardt Graham

Jim Martin & Rebekah Hoover

Harvey & Celeste Jonas

Mrs. Helen Jonas

Samuel & Carol King, Jr.

Dr. John Lassiter

Lincolnton Business & Professional Women’s Organization

Jerry L. Lynn
In Honor of Alice Lynn Baker

Charles G. Mullen, Jr.

Edward W. Phifer, III

Richard Ramseur & Sue Ramseur
In Memory of Jack H. Ramseur

Ruby Sigmon

Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Bill Wash
In Honor of Mace J. Brown & Evelyn J. McRae


George Warlick Clark

Jimmie and Jean Dellinger

Jeaniene Dibble, Art by J

Lawrence Lohr

Alice Ramsey

Travis and Patsy Bianchi
In Memory of Mrs. Ellen Wyant Shuford

Ronald and Terri Blake

Leonard and Barbara Blanton

Harry and Diane Brogden

Sid and Gail Carpenter
In Memory of Sidney Logan Black

Betty B. Craig
In Memory of Bryan Craig

Marcia Davis

Martin and Jill Eaddy

Buddy Funderburk

Miriam and Hubert Gilbert

Ted and Frances Goins
In Honor of Bob and Ann Dellinger and Mrs. Margaret Dellinger

Boyce and Pat Hance

John Hoyle
In Memory of David Heavner

Dot Johnson

Bo and Carol King
In Memory of Sam and Jean King

Edward and Doris Little

Edgar Love, III

Glenda Noles

Heath Reinhardt

Reverend and Mrs. Jerry Robinson
In Memory of Buna Keener Robinson

Ken and Linda Rudisill
In Honor of Darrell Harkey

Saine Ace Hardware and Garden Center

Dr. Darrell and Margaret Schrum

Timken Company

Randy and Sue Zimtbaum

Travis & Pasty Bianchi
In Memory of Mrs. Ellen Wyant Shuford

Leonard & Barbara Blanton

Dr. Robert & Adair Cantwell

Marni & Scott Carpenter

Kevin Cherry

Betty B. Craig
In Memory of Bryan Craig

Kim & Bob Deneault

Martin & Jill Eaddy

Shelley Roper Early
In Honor of Sheldon Early Anderson

James & Helen Foreman, Jr.

Thomas & Genevieve Gabriel

John R. Gamble, Jr.
In Memory of Betty Rhodes Gamble

Walter and Gayle Goodson
In Memory of Lucille Goodson

Willie and Debbie Heafner

Marilyn T. Henderson
In Memory of Hollis C. Henderson, Sr.

Martha Houser Howard

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Modlin

James M. Moore

Joe & Meta Power

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund H. Schenck

Warlick Funeral Home

W.L. Wood
In Memory of Bill Lewis & Anne Laura Wood

Vicki Yount
In Honor of Ann Dellinger

Charles Zug
In Memory of Burlon Craig


Polly and Herb Bryant

John and Sarah Lantz

Edgar Love

Claude and Kathy Loving

Robert K. and Linda Lukach

George and Georgia Moffitt

William Ramseur

Betty Ross

Martha B. Rudisill

Lewis and Shuford

Susanne Sellers

Edwin Anderson, Jr.
Plonk Family Acquisition Fund

Steve Bailey
In Memory of David C. Heavner

Ray Ballard

Elwyn and Barbara Beam

Polly and Herb Bryant

Mary Ann Burgess
In Honor of Laura J. Meeks

Lynne Burgin
In Memory of Neil Reid Campbell

Paul and Jennifer Byrd

Lisa Cherry

Mike and Libby Cline

Robyn Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Dellinger

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eurey

James and Wanda Hallman

Allen and Rosemary Hubbard
In Memory of David C. Heavner

Betty Lawing
In Memory of James Lawing

Mrs. Charles S. Little

Mrs. and Mrs. Wayne Lowe

Robert and Linda Lukach

Earl McAlister
In Honor of the Catawba Valley Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution

Pris Mauney
In Honor of Jerry Payseur

Georgia Moffitt

Gary and Viola Montgomery
In Honor of The Gary Lee Montgomery Family

James Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moser

Glenn and Barbara Mosteller
In Memory of Mose S. Stamey

Don Pendleton

Dr. William Ramseur

Paulette Rudisill

Karen Saine

Fred and Gwen Sherrill

Deanna Spake
In Memory of Lacy A. Spake, Jr.

Nicole Southerland

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stroud

Twist and Tuck Power Tumbling
In Memory of Richard L. Waldroup, Sr.

Jan Williams
In Memory of Daniel M. Hartsoe and David Hartzoge

Ray Ballard
In Memory of Agnes & Floyd Ballard

Elwyn & Barbara Beam

Loretta Beam

Farrie W. Blackburn
In Memory of Marion Blackburn

Ronald and Terri Blake

Wendell & Tana Boggs

Harry & Diane Brogden

Polly & Herb Bryant

Ray & Peggy Buckner

Mary Ann Burgess
In Memory of Rev. Charlie & Annie Blewington

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cantwell

Marcia Davis

Brian Dedmond

Dara Dower

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Eurey

Judy Gilbert

Loree W. Greenhill
In Honor of Clegg Heafner

Boyce & Pat Hance

Ruby Heafner

Linda B. Hoyle

Bobby and Jan Huitt

Sarah Lantz

Betty L. Lawing

Mrs. Charles S. Little, Sr.

Edward & Doris Little

Robert O. Little

James F. Love III

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne C. Lowe

Robert & Linda Lukach

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald S. Park

Mike Peters

Eleanor Rodd Porter

Richard Ramsaur 
In Honor of Jacob Ramsaur

Alice Ramsey

Jerry and Judy Robinson

Nancy B. Ross

Jody & Ann Rhyne

Vernon J. Schrum

Wayne Scronce

Helen B. Sides

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Stroud

Chip Stroup



Linn Finger

Philip and Linda Graham

Basil and Tina Guffey

Wayne Saunders

Brad Ziker

Sid and Gail Carpenter

Steve & Gailya Cherry

Mr. & Mrs. Judson Crow, Sr.

Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Crumley

Kathy & Keith Dedmond

Allen and Cindy Henderson

Betty Holmstrom

Dan and Gilda Houser

Allen & Rosemary Hubbard

Larry and Diane Leatherman

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Loving

Gary L. Montgomery

Mr. & Mrs. Don Pendleton

Miriam Robinson


Nancy Cason

Joseph Colavita

Leslie Garvett

Trysten Hall

Hall Martin

Jill Reed

Edith Riggins

Austin Smith

Tony Stroupe

Bonnie Baker

Ben Houser
In Memory of Eli and Paulene Houser

Jerry and Gail Park

Brad Bangle

Cindy Beal

Asa Blackburn

Peggy Carswell

Charles Raper Jonas Library, Lincolnton

Christa Cook

Bettie G. Cooke

Lou Ann Cooper

Allen Freeman

James A. Hallman

Frances K. Hampton

Elsie Keever

Bobby Kelly

Greg Little

Carroll Morrell

Mrs. Norma Rantanen

Dean Sain

J.J. Wyckoff


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